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ALG Luxury 8 Automatic Watch Winder Display Case Box 8 + 9 storages

ALG Luxury 8 Automatic Watch Winder Display Case Box 8 + 9 storages
ALG Luxury 8 Automatic Watch Winder Display Case Box 8 + 9 storages
ALG Luxury 8 Automatic Watch Winder Display Case Box 8 + 9 storages
ALG Luxury 8 Automatic Watch Winder Display Case Box 8 + 9 storages
ALG Luxury 8 Automatic Watch Winder Display Case Box 8 + 9 storages
ALG Luxury 8 Automatic Watch Winder Display Case Box 8 + 9 storages

ALG Luxury 8 Automatic Watch Winder Display Case Box 8 + 9 storages
ALG Luxury 8 Automatic Watch Winder Display Case Box 8 + 9 storages. · Model : WWR04 Long Black EXT. · Finish Type: Hand crafted with High Gloss piano finish. MORE THAN 18 LAYERS PRINTING!! · Capacity: 17 watches, Can Winds 8 watches at the same time. · MDF sprayed paint, gloss finishing with plush velvet interior. · New curved front lid design. · Storage: Wooden camel rotators&turning Heads. · Super silent motors : No running noise during winding operation. · Rotating approximately 6-7 times a min with a "turn-and-rest" cycle. · Imitate humanbeing's activity working : Turning-Resting-Sleeping. · Clockwise, Counter-Clockwise or Alterating. · Turning& Rotating Direction:Watch winder comes with "turn and rest" function so watches will not be over stressed Turns Clockwise, Counter-clockwise, and Alternating.

· 2012 fuzzy-logic motor technology. · AC adaptor included (240v Australian adaptor). · Properly regulates all watches. · No confusing non-nessesary running modes.

· Dimension :LWH:6427.321CM. · 30 day satisfaction guarantee. ALG Watch winder complies with International Quality Standards and their quality and durability are fully guaranteed.

Note: Select watch winders have these advanced winding functions. (included Latinding functions for all different type of luxury brand watches).

Watch winders are mechanical devices that keep your automatic or self-winding watch operating smoothly. Certain types of watches do not need to be wound by turning a dial because they wind themselves when they are strapped to an arm that is swinging and twisting all day long. Watch winders are able to simulate that natural motion for those who don't wear their watch everyday. The internal parts of automatic watches are designed to follow the pull of gravity. Therefore, they don't have gears that must be wound with a spring.

Instead, their tiny weights get pulled by gravity as you move and swing your arm, so little by little these weights are twisting around both clockwise and counter-clockwise, until your watch is wound up. Watches like this are called automatic or self-winding types, as opposed to quartz kinetic, or mechanical watches.

If you own fancy, collectible, beloved, or merely sufficient self-winding watches, you may want to invest in a watch winder. Not only do these devices keep your timepiece accurate whenever you pull it out of the compartment, they probably extend the overall life of fine watches by keeping parts lubricated and moving.

By advancing the mainspring, it gently and continually winds the watch, yet prevents your watch from ever being over wound. Another mechanism inside most watches will disengage after the gears have been fully powered. Beautiful watch winders are as decorative and elaborate as the timepieces that they hold. Some resemble cubes of polished and inlaid wood. Others have a glass top as a window to see the watch as it rotates, doubling as a display case.

This is especially helpful when you own several watches and want to keep them in view, away from dust, yet protect them like jewelry. The handle that holds the actual watch should be adjustable, so it can handle bands of different diameters. Batteries power most watch winders, but some larger models use an AC adapter that plugs into the wall. Since they include a small motor, you may hear a low hum and want to keep your box on a dresser or in a drawer rather than at your beside. A quality model will wind your watch counter- and clockwise, since your watch was designed to turn in both directions.

They'll handle anywhere from one to eight watches, to cover your basic needs or display an entire collection. First of all, determine your watch which winding directions are required, clockwise or counterclockwise. If you do not know your winding direction requirement, we suggest you to set on knob 3.

Turn both Clockwise and Counter-clockwise, 6minutes time interval for every 2 minutes counter clockwise +6 Minutes time interval for every 2 mintes clockwise winding to your watch 1. Put the watch on the watch winder; 2.

Plug the AC adaptor into the back of the winder; 3. Turning the control switch knob on the back of the winder; 4. There are 4 modes for the programmable microprocessor to control the time interval of winding cycle as follows.

Mode 1: 6 Minutes time interval for every 2 minutes clockwise winding. Mode 2: 6 Minutes time interval for every 2 minutes counter clockwise winding. Mode 3: 6 Minutes time interval for every 2 minutes Counter clockwise winding;+ 6 Minutes time interval for every 2 minutes clockwise winding. Mode 4: 180 Minutes time interval for every 10 minutes bi-direction winding. (Cycle will be repeated until power off).

For any winding mode, the rotator (noise level below 5dB)Will turn 6.5-8.0 turns/minute. Note: The watch winder do not contain any watches. ALG WATCH WINDER WORKS WITH ALL LUXURY BRANDS WATCH!! Do I need a watch winder?

But don't worry, you are far from alone! Many collectors and enthusiasts quickly get into this dilemma. Ultimately, the main function of a winder is as a convenience device.

Doesn't a winder protect my watch by keeping the oils from clotting? The oils used in most modern watches and properly serviced vintage watches are not very prone to clotting or coagulating.

While there are technical reasons in favor of keeping a watch continuously running, there are also reasons in favor of not unnecessarily overusing a watch. There is no significant evidence that a good watch winder will either save or harm your watch.

The several watch repair professionals , We've dealt with say they've never encountered a watch that'would have been fine, if only the owner had kept it on a winder. So how should I choose whether to get a winder or not? Choose a winder for your needs based on its convenience value to you.

If you have a watch you almost never wear, simply wind it up every couple of weeks and let it run down. But for automatic watches you wear frequently, but not continuously, a winder is a great solution for keeping them ready to wear on a moments notice. If this convenience is worth the cost of a winder to you, then go for it!

The single biggest advantage of a winder for seldom used watches is for those with complex perpetual calendar features that may require elaborate resetting after the watch has been stopped for a while. What types of winders are available? The types of watch winders currently on the market tend to fall into three main categories. Generally, these units hold the watch on the exterior of the device. As such, they tend to need to be on a tabletop or somewhat tall shelf.

Some which handle more than one watch start to resemble carnival rides, with their merry-go-round or ferris wheel configurations and multiple rotating watch holders. Elegant: These winders go beyond pure functionality and offer a nice form and exterior.

Normally they are a completely enclosed box, often made of nicely finished wood or covered in leather. They are suitable for display on a desk or dresser, yet many are capable of fitting inside a drawer or safe deposit box. Extravagant: As with many luxury items, the sky is the limit on options. Winders with built-in storage drawers, and atomic-clock-synchronized time displays are some of the esoteric and beyond features available on some of the very high end winders. Within these are options of a/c and battery powered units.

The battery units are especially nice for use on shelves, in drawers, or in a safe deposit box. Should I start with a single head unit or go for a multi headed unit?

If you are enough of a collector to want a winder, don't short-change yourself by skimping on a winder that can only handle one watch. Consider at least one of the single-unit watch winders have optional two-watch heads.

What else should I consider? Don't underestimate the value of manual wind watches for your collection.

They offer the joy of needing to interact with your collection every day or two to keep them going. It can be nice to be needed.

Vintage manual wind watches are readily available, modern ones are less common but still made. Not only will you not need a winder, they are intentionally easy to wind by hand. Many automatics have screw down crowns or are otherwise not as accommodating for frequent manual winding. Automatic watches are intended for fairly regular wear.

So concentrate your ownership of automatic watches on those that you will wear at least a couple of times a week. Winders are a nice convenience for watches you don't wear daily. But why spin away most of the lifetime of several nice watches waiting for you to seldom wear them. A bad watch winder is worse than no winder.

Automatic watches are designed to be worn by people. People move in a large diversity of manners, causing a fairly even distribution of motion of the watch's internal winding mechanism. A watch winder is normally limited to a very finite number of directions and types of movement -- some as little as one single motion. So a poorly designed winder. Might cause undesirable wear of the watch's mechanisms from excessive and repetitive movement.

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ALG Luxury 8 Automatic Watch Winder Display Case Box 8 + 9 storages